Darmil company was founded in 1993. Back then it was a small retail shop. Darmil company has grown into a serious and responsible fashion label thanks to the responsible work and respecting each customer. This is the key to the success of our company which has from the very beginning until today every year shown positive results. Darmil fashion house is engaged in manufacturing of leather and textile jackets shirts and knitwear sweat suits, sweatshirts, tshirts. The darmil manufacturing plant adapts very easily and quickly to the market conditions that is to the customers needs. This means that we are able to satisfy customers who require unique products as well as buyers of large department store chains. This ability allows us to currently be present in all of the republics of the former Yugoslavia as well as in some parts of Russia. Sales of our products is done in our retail stores as well as the stores of our distributors who buy from our wholesale in Pancevo. The current product range of Darmil fashion house is located in over 75 cities that is in over 100 retail stores. The business policy of our company is to expand the distribution network for our products every day. Customers interested in our products can contact us via email address darmil@panet.rs


Тerms and conditions – prices are expressed in euros for people in the republic of serbia payments аrе conducted exclusively in dinars the value determined by the rate of the national bank of serbia at the day of order, for people outside the republic of serbia payments are conducted in the agreed currency. Фor people in the republic of serbia the price of goods includes transport to home address payment is conducted at the time of delivery. Фor all claims regarding the shipment please contact telephone number +381 63 218 795